Services Provided

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists offer a variety of services, including:


  • General gym memberships
  • FREE gym appraisal, initial assessment and individual program prescription for new members (6 or 12 month memberships only)
  • Program updates
  • Progress assessments
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Corporate training programs
  • High performance training

PT Gym is a recognised treatment provider of the following specialised services:

  • Workers Compensation claims
    We provide functional restoration programs for patients injured whilst at work or on the road. Our programs are based specifically on the return-to-work or return-to-life needs of the patient, focusing on functional movements, activities, loads and stresses.


  • Department of Veteran Affairs


  • Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans
    These are Medicare sponsored programs where a patient receives a referral from their GP for up to five visits per calendar year, to be used for exercise interventions to assist with a particular chronic medical condition/s. The majority of the cost is covered by Medicare, however there is a gap fee.  Chronic conditions which PT Gym  can assist with include diabetes, obesity, cardio-pulmonary, neuromuscular conditions and more.  We offer a variety of home-based or in-house treatment options.


  • Treatment programs for Sleep Apnoea patients
    As weight loss has been found to be a significant factor in treating mild to moderate sleep apnoea, PT Gym  liases between patients and health professionals from the Sleep Apnoea Clinic to provide an effective and safe lifestyle treatment plan.