Hydrotherapy Pool

Depth1m - 1.55m
Pool Features

Stairs & Handrail Access

Pool Lifter/Hoist

Handrails at water level around the entire pool

A range of pool exercise equipment


Male and Female Showers (Changeroom/Toilets/Lockers)

Easy level access to pool and showers



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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment conducted and supervised by qualified physiotherapists and hydrotherapists in a APA approved and regulated heated pool.


Hydrotherapy provides great benefits to people with a range of conditions including joint replacement, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, sports injuries, cardiac reconditioning and stroke rehabilitation. Benefits of hydrotherapy include strengthening muscles and improving fitness, pain relief, increased mobility and coordination.


Relaxation programs are an especially good alternative for people having difficulty walking. The buoyancy of the water means less impact on the joints resulting in exercise that is less painful. The pressure exerted by the water helps to increase circulation which can reduce swelling and fluid retention. The temperature of the pool (32-34 degrees Celsius) raises muscle temperature making the muscles more supple, reducing muscle spasm and hyper-tonus leading to an improvement in muscle contractility and relaxed muscle length. The resistance to movement created by the water and combined with aquatic equipment provides the ideal environment for low grade resistance training following injury and suitable for mature patrons for balance retraining, rehabilitation, health and general fitness.



Pool Features & Facilities

Whether the client’s needs are specific or to promote greater independence, our qualified and dedicated pool staff are able to provide a variety of exercise settings to suit. Our pool is equipped with a hydraulic chair for the convenience of our clients that require assistance into and out of the pool. Rails are fitted the length of the pool for safety and exercise assistance. A variety of aquatic equipment and flotation devices are available for use. Our pool has a depth variation from 1-1.55m allowing a greater range of activities programmes.