PT Gym has an easy-access layout making its usage simple for anyone, regardless of your gym history.

The amount of floor space allows for you to work-out without being in the way of others whether you are engaging in strength, cardio, stretching or agility exercises.

What you won’t find is machines that focus on one isolated body part. Our machines have been selected for their diversity of application and functional relevance for our clientele. We still have treadmills, bikes and associated cardio equipment, however our main focus is health or performance improvement, not just aesthetics.

At PT Gym we have advanced equipment including the innovative Bravo Functional Trainer and the highly prized Total Body Arc Trainers from CYBEX, promising you more results in less time.


Combine those with numerous resistance, cardiorespiratory, balance and agility equipment and we are sure to have all aspects of your training covered.

We need variety in our life, and that includes in our training.

Variety can be achieved by PT Gym staff prescribing you a specific training program, whether your goals are in weight loss, muscle gain, sport specific or general fitness and conditioning.