Gym Group Exercise Classes

We offer a range of gym-based group exercise classes at Physical Therapy.  All participants are prescribed with an individualised exercise program following a compulsory initial assessment.  Each session is conducted under the supervision and guidance of an accredited exercise physiologist for a course of 10 sessions.  Once an individual completes the 10 session block, they will be reassessed and have their program updated to progress to non-supervised exercise or continue attending classes.


  • SENIOR MENS / SENIOR WOMENS GYM CLASSES - Suitable for elderly men and women seeking gentle low-intensity exercise for functional development and health maintenance. 
  • BEATERS & BREATHERS (CARDIAC REHAB) - Designed for individuals of all ages and genders with a cardiorespiratory condition or have just been discharged from a hospital-based inpatient cardiac rehab program following surgery. Focus is on health maintenance and lifestyle changes to benefit cardiorespiratory health.

Most people attending both of our classes have a range of musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory or metabolic conditions.  We adjust each session based on the ability and conditions of the participants.





If you would like more information about our gym classes or are not sure which class would be best for you, please see our PT Gym staff or call 02 4225 9916.